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Li Yundi: Of ironhanded mother at hand " piano talent "
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2000, li Yundi of 18 years old wins gold prize of competition of piano of the 14th international that resemble country, break this award successive and vacant two situation, make game the champion with the youngest throughout history and the first China pianist that obtain this special honour. Nowadays, he by western media praise after the piano Great Master such as the Bolini that it is afterwards, Ageliji, Zimmerman " the successor of Great Master of romantic clique piano " . Li Yundi studies accordion 4 years old, 7 years old change learn piano. First illuminative teacher does not have a renown division, even still piano famous expert says his hand is too little, practice goes down not much future. However he however in order to exceed constant musical perception, become China " piano is mythological " .

The mother ever was pantomime " gules detachment of women " heroine

Li Yundi was born in area of Chongqing big crossing on October 7, 1982, be born the name that uses on card is Li Xi, 3 years old of incognito Li Xixi, li Yundi of 5 years old of formal instead. Because of ancestral home Yunnan, just have so " the cloud " word. "Enlighten " there are 3 kinds of explanations in the dictionary, it is channel, 2 it is to inspire, still having a kind of explanation is " row " -- walk, leave, rush about to this for the pianist at world each district, in these 3 explanations most press close to his should be last kinds apparently.

Father Li Chuan is gentle and inside the person of collect, appearance is comely, there always is the smile that modest mixes when conversation, li Yundi grows very to resemble him. Maternal Zhang Xiaolu of Li Yundi is a dignified lady, she has charm quite: Having Chongqing woman's peculiar white fair-skinneding skin and delicate facial feature, elegant bearing bearing shows her to have wonderful grade.

Ballet has learned when Zhang Xiaolu is young, the most brilliant memory is to be in " gules detachment of women " in the heroine that carry program, although a variety of reasons make her final abandon dancing, music is her a continuance of the love to dancing. Below the status that enjoys Qumubingbuduo at that time, that famous violin concerto " Liang Zhu " became her love most. Zhang Xiaolu memory says to this song often hears when cherishing Li Yundi in those days, became best prenatal education however inadvertently of purpose.

Learn musical beginning from Li Yundi, zhang Xiaolu accompanies the left and right sides from beginning to end, accompany him to attend class together, a Lian Qin, decide how he should be done next. Become pianist till the son, piano education of the mother also reached schoolteaching level. Enter early in Li Yundi in fact when reading Shenzhen art school, zhang Xiaolu is hired to be the counsellor of piano class, bringing 45 students. This has to say is a miracle, from a person that does not know piano has how many key, become the expert of knowledge of perfectness piano theory. The mother that does not have which pianist gifts in that way like Zhang Xiaolu the definition with special mother love. She likes dancing and music very much, it is the sort of fine long hair is aimless, pure like, let son study music at the outset, more or less be also a kind of recall of pair of past dancing career, the son became round a dream when she is young.
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