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Thorough knowledge child models his distinctive temperament
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In the life, we often see following phenomena: Some children are so cultured that some children resemble a young gentleman, little lady, some children are so wild that some children resemble an anorak; Some children are born to resembled going up clockwork spring, dietary daily life has the law extremely, some children believe Ma You reins, do not have standard feature; No matter who some children see " self-invited ripe " , some children are special be shy with strangers; Some children are very easy acclimatization, some children cannot suit tardy; Some children cry to resemble wanting to throw building top, some children are met only pule; Some children day is born with is " careless " , some children are sensitive and exquisite; There often is smile on some children face, some children always are a pair of earnest and cool expression however; No matter what some children do particularly dedicated, some children are particularly easy give a little attention to; Some children are good suitable obedient, some children often are " do not bump south the wall does not turn round " .

   Comment on with analytic

Every child extraordinary, there is distinctive temperament on the body. "Temperamental " although be below the influence of acquired environment,can change somewhat, but compare with disposition photograph, it provides stability more, change is slower also. Ba Erkan of · of A of Russian children psychologist writes so in its composing: "Do not want a disposition and temperamental confuse sth with sth else, disposition can be formed in the life, it is fostered by education and become. And temperament cannot be fostered however, it is inherent, the lifetime that accompanies a person... the appearance that you can envisage disposition into temperament, you are dress stylist, you not only the weakness that can see dress itself, still know to wear the figure characteristic of dress person. Of course, you do not have a law to change the person's shape, can change only change the clothes, be added or take out flexure. That is to say, just eliminate all flaw of your in one's power or reveal these flaw come out, true to the child education can help you discover all flaw. True to the child education can help you discover all flaw..

If hope the child's temperament is changed somewhat, do not want a hope to accomplish in one move, do not want a hope to use beat and scold, admonitory will force child give in, the child can transform a method strongly because of you and become the frequenter of psychological outpatient service otherwise. What make the best use of the circumstances needs is patient, understanding and the temperamental feature that experience the child are premise.

   We are OK from above " the phenomenon scans " in a few lists respects observe the child:

One, vivid momentum

The child of gentle does not like poignant play and outdoors activity, natural expression must be the same as gent or the fair maiden is same. Mobile generous child criterion often hurry-scurry, sweating, without a minute of go to bed, driving like " skin " monkey.
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