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Walk out of 5 errors that the family teachs
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Suhuomulinsiji points out famous educationist: Parents is creation future " sculptor " , of children " cornerstone " establish by parental both hands, the children that has taught oneself is the main obligation of a citizen. Current, how to rear oneself child grow into useful timber, let the child win on the scratch line to already became every parent the problem of urgent attention, but most parent often lacks scientific godchild method, they are applied only by the individual's intuition and certain and traditional experience religion, this makes domestic education appeared a lot of problems, produced a lot of errors, the times develops today, we should change a new thinking, accept new educational idea, renew oneself educational idea, walk out of the error that the family teachs.

   One, walk out of favorite exceeding family to teach an error.

Parents are docile and obedient to the child, want what to give, ground of leave no stone unturned satisfies the child's need, inspect the child to be sweet heart, cannot let the child suffer a bit " grievance " . Be like: On the weekend, a young mother receives her child from nursery school, discovery has slight scar on the child's face, ask: "Of the child claw that is nursery school? " the child nods, maternal fire: "Why to catch him? " later went seeking a teacher again... be lamentable really! The parent so " love " the child, can the moral character with good nurturance? Can you get used to social requirement? Parental love admittedly but Qin Kepei, but parents should think well, such " love " the child, how is consequence met? Realise as what parents must regain consciousness: Make the heart that harmed the child not only so, the health that still disturbed the child grows! Educationist horse blocks Lian Ke to say: "Everything gives the child, sacrifice everything, sacrifice even oneself happiness, this is the most terrible gift that parents gives the child. " the child of proletarian revolutionist Comrade Liu Shaoji is going up when elementary school, be worth 3 years of difficult period, school meals is poor, child body is gradually emaciated, nursery governess suggests Liu Shaoji receives the child come home, but was rejected by Liu Shaoji. He says: "The child stays in hard place only, ability is exercised with test. " this shows, older generation revolutionist is right the child's love, it is a kind of sensible love, a kind of real love, hope parents go up in the foundation that draw lessons from, love appropriately to cheeper, love reasonably, have in love religion, there is love in teaching, such ability make cheeper be able to health grows.

   2, walk out of intellective first family to teach an error.

child education grow into useful timber, it is the collective wish of the world parents, also be the spirit that broad parent hardship works is placed. But, many parents are intellective to the educational lay particular stress on of cheeper element, pay attention to knowledge only engraft, very few to restricting the other factor that its grow bother about. Think the child gets on an university to just have prospect only, ability stand out, let all the day then 3, child back Tang poetry of 4 years old, word back a surname, know a Chinese character, calculate add decrease, strangled cheeper to love the nature that play, block up the full-scale development of cheeper. Intelligence is the core of ability and soul, the intelligence that develops cheeper, ability that develops cheeper is admittedly important. But, if domestic education pays attention to intellective element only, the result cans be imagined. Contrary, if can from full-scale development proceed with, the self-confident heart that develops them, enterprise, hold to gender, self-restrained force and brave spirit, be like: Him business that allows cheeper to hold to his in daily life is done, make cheeper believes his force, give praise and encourage; Doing some business when cheeper, when quiting because of other reason, should give in time supervise and urge, encourage, make they insist to finish the thing had done; Cheeper lets hold the position of in game certain the part that they do not like, ask in order to make their behavior obedience collective to wait a moment, can make their normal intelligence is able to develop adequately so.
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