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How should the parent select English teacher and student for the child
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  One, 3-12 year old the importance that children English learns

In our eye, the child has infinite creation passion and energy, the child that need not worry and suspects us is clever and outstanding, because child itself is greatly treasure, of parent apprehension is to whether have discovery only " treasure " a mind which perceives both past and future. Children grows an expert to think, the language is a kind of very complex intellective construction system, after the gift of tongues of children develops certain level, begin to drive the development of memory and comprehension; That is to say, the children that in what linguistics reviews key period is fostered effectively, not only the development that can make the memorial activity of cerebrum receives saltant form, comprehension also is the same as more than far age children. Accordingly, the United States " human ability develops an institute " director division human relations. De Manbo person (Dr.Glemm Doman) the precious proposal that gives a whole world father and mother: Learn a language, age Yue Xiaoyue is easy, and those who learn is better! Beijing Shen Ao is successful, large quantities of international cross state-owend enterprise course of study to garrison China... the trend of internationalization makes English is become cross 21 centuries one of basic competition ability of urgent need. More and more parents, providing high grade surroundings for the child while, potential of more invest in child are developed and the 2nd language- - on English study. English study must master age feature of the child and education science sex, build family, school, society environment of 3 universities be used to, through " look, listen, play " , " say, read, write " function of 6 universities be used to, various and exciting, practice repeatedly, complete last reach education goal.

The professional English teacher and student that we say, not be the sort of is opposite the child teachs packet of meeting " force-feed duck type " education, is the manner of a kind of love above all, it is sound and the glamour with shirt-sleeve expression, it is one knows the child, know deepness to understand the child's requirement, open gives each connotation of the child. This kind of heart and wisdom balance pilot education system, decided the acknowledge of child future, character.

   2, English education also should pay attention to a brand

The parent coachs the corrupt practice that child English studies

3 years old before, it is the optimal period of child learning foreign language, if the parent can be in this period the environment that provides a good study foreign language for the child, have huge profit to intellective development of the child and expressive ability. Foreign language of learning of this period child need not resemble growing up to want to pass the course that is changed into the foreign language again with mother tongue thinking euqally, right now, the child's language feels particularly good, imitate ability and curious desire very strong. So, learn in child language " gold period " , teach good child parent language while, english of science guiding child learns, be accepted by more and more parents already.
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