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Foster the mood memory with active cheeper
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Become people to know, concern with the mood experience at that time mostly to the memory of childhood, the content that remembers sometimes forgot, but the mood effect at that time is withheld all the time however in memory. Mood memory is a when remember content important facet, positive sentiment remembers constant companion to have the mood experience such as happy, contented, joyance, and negative sentiment remembers constant companion to have the mood experience such as scared uneasiness, painful, loneliness.

Active mood memory can make the person becomes hopeful, self-confident, optimistic and open-minded, and the negative effect that inactive mood memory can give a person to bring different rate. Accordingly, the parent should notice education child's positive sentiment is remembered. So, how to foster the child's positive sentiment to remember?

The following method can draw lessons from for the parent:

1, create a sweet and auspicious family environment. Such family can make the child produces the experience of happy safety; Contrary, one is full of depression and the family of clamorous, lack warmth and domestic idea, can make the child becomes from low, dissocial, disagreement group, be afraid of association. The parent is child consider, answer hard to create a good domestic environment.

2, the program of movie and TV that makes child contact less horrible and evil as far as possible and books, appear when the child fear when uneasiness, the parent should give in time caress and comfort, eliminate inactive mood memory.

3, feel to acoustics of dark, catastrophic, bloodcurdling when the child when fearing, the parent is OK rise these things and happy, sweet exciting connection, remove its negative effect gradually. The example that the parent still should carry a story or content of go-between of movie and TV is not afraid of dark, conquer is difficult is taught and encourage the child, make its are changed gradually recreant, sensitive, shy wait for disposition.

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